Design Architect

Archi Team PH · Mandaluyong, NCR

Department Archi Team PH
Employment Type Independent Contractor
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor

Job Function:

To manage the project and lead the Design Team in preparing design presentations and drawing in all the Design phases/ aspects in coordination with the Senior Designer.

Job Qualifications:

Job Description:
Major duties and responsibilities
  1. Design Solution
    • Provides the design solution and strategy for implementation through the preparation of CAD, sketches, and presentations (keynote / PowerPoint)
    • Ability to resolve difficult, complex, or potential design issues
    • Proposes and prepares sketches into working drawings and design solutions
  2. Project Coordination
    • Assists Senior Designer in proposing and preparing sketches into working drawings and design solutions
    • Coordinate with the team members the direction of the project
    • Reports progress of projects to Senior Designer
  3. Design Review and Planning Stage
    • Analyses the design and prepares a plan on how to interpret the drawings and comments according to the project requirement, company and design standards
  4. Team Management
    • Communicates with the team the design direction of the project
    • Delegates tasks to team members
    • Manages the team and ensures timely production/output of the project
    • Mentors and evaluates team members in realizing their professional growth
    • Maintains inter-and intra- departmental workflow by promoting a spirit of cooperation
    • Contributes to team effort by sharing call duty and working time as needed
    • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed
  5. Quality Assurance
    • Regularly review the team’s deliverables for accuracy, efficiency, and thoroughness
    • Ensures projects are in compliance with the company and design standards as well as project comments
  6. Time Management
    • Forecasts time allocation for projects
    • Ensures deliverables are submitted on time
    • Uses judgment and experience in helping to determine the relevant urgency of projects and tasks
  7. Documentation
    • Provides tabulated project comments in relation to the revision for Project Monitoring
    • Records collects, and archives pertinent documents according to the company’s standards
  8. Communication
    • Establishes and maintains professional and effective lines of communication with the superiors and other departments
    • Communicates and listens in an appropriate and professional manner

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