Public Relations Executive

Marketing PH · NCR, Philippines

Department Marketing PH
Employment Type Independent Contractor
Minimum Experience Experienced

Job Requirement:

To handle all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR activities, manage communications and relationships with the public and media industries, and cultivate and enhance positive brand image of individuals and the company by building a reputation through the media.

Job Qualifications:

Job Responsibilities:

Major duties and responsibilities:
  1. Internal and External Communication:
    • Communicate with colleagues and key spokespeople to gather information to execute PR campaign and activites
    • Collaborate with the team, architects, and designers to create promotional content.
    • Speak publicly at interviews, press conferences, and presentations when necessary
    • Engage with users on social media sites such as Linked In, Instagram, and Facebook
  2. Public and Media Partnership:
    • Maintain good relationships with media houses.
    • Create innovative and engaging public relations and media campaigns.
    • Build positive relationships with stakeholders, media and the public
    • Prepare and distribute press releases
    • Deal and address enquiries from the public, the press/ media, and related organisations
    • Handle and manage any PR related issue that may arise.
    • Seek opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising
    • Plan publicity strategies and campaigns
    • Provide partners with information about new promotional opportunities and current PR campaigns progress
    • Focus on marketing the company through partnerships and advertising
  3. Content Writing/ Proofreading:
    • Prepare interview scripts, keynote speeches, write-ups/ pitch for videos, film projects, and other promotional materials
    • Research, write, and produce press releases to send and distribute to targeted media
    • Proofread, edit and review all media content and press releases
  4. Research and Reporting:
    • Monitor publicity and collates published press releases
    • Review and summarize feedbacks from press and social media sites
    • Study PR trends, follow suitable/ applicable industry trends, and use best practices when implementing
    • Track and analyse media
    • Undertake and/or commission agencies for relevant market research
    • Keep up with media and audience opinions regularly.
    • Regularly submit PR reports.
  5. General Marketing:
    • Plan and develop PR campaigns and media relations strategies with the marketing team, and implement it
    • Focus in growing and strengthening the brand’s identity and international presence
    • Organize and manage PR events/ activations (press conference, exhibitions, etc) to promote company’s image, and serve as the company’s representative/ spokesperson
    • Perform and/or assist in ad hoc and other marketing activities when assigned

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