Senior Design Architect

Design · Singapore, Singapore

Department Design
Employment Type Independent Contractor
Minimum Experience Senior Manager/Supervisor

Job Function:

The primary function of the Senior Designer is to produce high quality project design deliverables. The person can work on any/all phases of development including Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration. This person reports to the Design Manager and Design Director on tasks and ensures the facilitation of a project’s completion on-time, on/under-budget and meeting MDL’s quality standards.

Job Qualifications

Job Description:
  1. Concept Design:
    • Bring great, fresh ideas to the team that are project-appropriate;
    • Develop vignettes and hand sketches of architectural ideas that work in the space and meet intended design goals; articulate why concepts work to the team using sound, logical reasoning;
    • Produce concept boards of images for feedback and approval from the Design Director and clients, which capture the intended look and attitude and that reflect branding and positioning with architecture, color finish materials, and lighting;
    • Select in-budget materials and finishes that support the concepts;
    • Consistently incorporate scale and balance, designing elements that “fit” the space for maximum impact;
    • Design holistically, not just segmentally, so that spaces flow consistently, areas tie together for maximum impact and secondary focal points are established and used to build upon the underlying look and attitude
    • Demonstrate proficiency in lighting as a design element, including how to use lighting and shadows for impact
    • Regularly follow trends in hotels, architecture and interior design so that own work and ideas are of an “international” calibre and level of sophistication, and in order to incorporate the latest technology and operational needs
    • Manages the team involved in the concept design
  2. Implementation:
    • Ensure quality and efficiency for assigned tasks and deliverables; maintain billable efficiency rate of 80%;
    • Actively work on high-level tasks and deliverables for multiple projects simultaneously;
    • Perform red line markups and pickups of delegated work and/or complete packages of deliverables;
    • Produce sets of production documents in both design development (DD) and CD phases
    • Maintain a daily task list for assigned projects discussing time allotments, schedules, and delegations;
    • Assist project teams to ensure delays are adequately documented and mitigated;
    • Prepare for regular project team meetings pertaining to project tasks, deliverables and milestones;
    • Communicate directly with client agents, subcontractors and architects
    • Write clear, articulate meeting and communications notes
    • Construction Document (CD) Requirements:
      • Independently use approved sets of schematic design (SD) documents for complex corridors, and public spaces in order to develop the following final set of production documents, each containing sufficient quality, clarity, and details with dimensions, tags, keys, and notes, to minimize questions during construction or production:
      • Prepare or confirm key notes for inclusion in plans
      • Incorporate finish materials, their required applications, and their installation requirements into drawings and plans
      • Analyze photos, sketches, cut sheets and construction details of cabinetry and millwork and determine their fabrication technique; then draw comprehensive details and sections
      • Verify that applicable building codes are satisfactorily addressed
    • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF & E) Requirements
  3. Team Management:
    • Accept responsibility and accountability
    • Hold team and individuals accountable to deliver upon commitments
    • Follow through on personal and team goals; overcome challenges and obstacles
    • Manage production resources effectively; maintain the prescribed billable hour level on a weekly basis, and communicate any deviation with the Project Manager; coordinate personal schedules as needed
    • Contribute to initial and revised time estimates for projects
    • Understand and demonstrate the need for open and direct communication, both verbally and in writing; ensure that team communications are consistent and thorough
    • Communicate with the Design Director regularly, alerting them of possible problems or conflicts with project specs, drawings, vendor delays, etc.
    • Demonstrate a highly organized and systematic approach to producing a project; understand the necessity to keep the team and project tasks list updated and complete
    • Demonstrate a high degree of time management skill and constantly seek to streamline processes and procedures in order to increase quality and efficiency
    • Regularly review sets of the team’s deliverables for accuracy, efficiency and thoroughness
    • Take initiative to make positive change; assist the team to produce quality projects
    • Participate in the important meetings
    • Willingly take on the role of subject matter expert in those areas in which he is highly versed
    • Mentor colleagues, regularly acting as trainer and teacher

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